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  • Inhouse Catering
  • Alcohol Allowed


  • Swimming Pool
  • Recreation activities
  • Lounge/Bar/Disco


  • In-House Vendors

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  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Mehendi or Sangeet
  • Cocktails
  • Office Party
  • Corporate Event
  • Engagement
  • Baby Shower
  • Corporate Events
  • Get-Togethers
  • Reception
  • Mehendi
  • Sangeet

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Frequently asked questions

Can you do a venue search as per my requirements?
Yes, My Eventz believes in bringing the best to its clients hence promises for a free enquiry call, wherein you can discuss your requirements and budget. As per our agreed business process, you can send us an enquiry and we will call you back to discuss the further details.

What is the number of venue proposals I can expect from your end?
There is no limit to the number of proposals, which can be requested from your end. However, as per your requirement of access, budget, size of the venue and proposed time, the suited venues may be limited. The My Eventz team will be delighted to bring you all the venues proposals, which meet your expectations.

Is the enquiry service actually free or are there any hidden costs?
Yes, our enquiry service is absolutely free, wherein we will search for the venues and destination matching your requirements. After the free enquiry call, we will bring you a well-tailored proposal with detailed venues.

Am I allowed to bring my decorator to decorate the venue?
This completely depends on the kind of venue you pick. At times, venues do not allow outside decorators as their own empanelled vendors however, at some venues, you can get as creative as possible with your strings of decorations and add all your dreamy details. The rest of the venues may be concerned about the decoration hence they cater decor from their end or else completely prohibit the same.
P.s: It differs from venue to venue ( There may be a royalty charge though)

Does the venue allow external catering?
The external catering factor completely depends on the venue you pick. Some venues may give you the full liberty to pick catering of your choice.( additional royalty charges may apply) If the venues allow external catering, you can ask for help without any hesitation and we will get you in touch with the local vendors. Our team is more than happy to help you with anything and everything that falls under our scope of control. However, if the venue does not allow external catering, you may have to resort to the inhouse chefs for the bags of flavours on your day of celebration.

Can I talk directly to the venue in charge?
Once we receive a heads-up from your end, we are more than happy to get you in touch with our contacts. Please inform the same to our team and we shall connect the two parties as per your convenience.

Do you cater complimentary bride and groom changing rooms?
The complimentary bride and groom changing rooms depend on the kind of venue you pick. At times the venues ensure that they help you with the rooms to make the life of the bride and groom easier on their wedding ceremony. They cater two rooms, which are complimentary in the tailored package. However, a few venues may not cater you with the same and you may have to get ready and reach the destination. Thus, it solely depends on the venue. However, our team will get in touch with them to bring you nothing but the best.

What are the factors on the basis of which you bring us a list of shortlisted venues?
We consider bringing you all the venues considering the ideal size, capacity, your framed requirements, facilities, parking, and budget constraints.

Can My Eventz cope up with emergency-based situations at the venues?
The professional squad at My Eventz has an extensive experience when it comes to tackling the unexpected circumstances at the venues. Thus, our capable hands can tailor and formulate plans in a snap to ensure meticulous planning and smooth functioning.

What kind of events can you organize apart from a wedding ceremony?
Our team has immense expertise in taking care of scores of celebrations including haldi, sangeet, engagements, cocktail hours, reception, happy affairs, bridal showers, baby showers, dinner parties, corporate functions, and conferences.

Why do I need to hire event management services for my wedding ceremony?
Planning a dream wedding ceremony can be very daunting and stressful especially when it comes to taking care of every minute detail. Our team believes in bringing a magical ambience on your day of love along with a liberating feeling. It is time for you to bring your ideas and plans to life with our team at My Eventz, saving your precious time, draining efforts and money.

How much does a wedding planner cost?
We believe in being transparent and upfront with our costs. Once you place an enquiry call with our team, we will come up with ideal venues along with a tailored plan. Each proposal varies as per your requirements. Thus, we request you to get in touch with us to discuss on a rational note and understand the costing better.Furthermore, the My Eventz Wedding expert services and selection of venue is absolutely free. We do not believe in charging our clients for any wedding planning. You will just have to pay for the vendor, venue and services you pick on your day of celebration. Furthermore, due to our well-knitted networking we get services at best prices, which are cheaper than the market rates. At the end of the day, we plan bulk weddings and cater bulk services thus, we bring you less prices to the table. Picking our services is anytime cheaper than planning your own wedding details from scratch, pick wisely.

Can you take full control of our hearty celebration?
We follow a collective approach when it comes to taking care of your celebration. If you want us to jump into the picture and take care of every minute detailing, we promise to cover everything in the tailored package. It is time to toss away all your stress when professionals at My Eventz are at your rescue.

How do you decide which vendors to set us up with?
We have knitted priceless relationships with scores of local vendors. At My Eventz, we believe in going vocal for local and thus, vouch to bring them to work on the platter. Considering your requirements and framed budget, we match the vendor list suiting your needs, bringing you our top picks.

Can you work with our pick of vendors or just with your setups?
Yes, we are ready to work with your pick of vendors. We promise to work with vendors of your choice to make your day of love, a flawless affair. However, if you need help with picking vendors, that’s exactly where we jump into the picture with our referrals to bring you nothing but the best.

Do you organize both small intimate wedding ceremonies and large-scale wedding ceremonies?
Yes, we have expertise in organizing both intimate weddings and large-scale weddings. For intimate weddings, we bring you small banquet spaces to ensure that you can enjoy your joyous celebration in a cosy atmosphere with your knitted circle of 60 people or less. Whereas, for large scale wedding ceremonies we bring to you, large banquet halls, which can accommodate up to 1000 guests or more. If your guest count increases, you can take the lawn in addition to the banquet space.

What are the different styles of serving scrumptious food at the venue?
At wedding ceremonies, we generally prefer to keep a buffet, which is ideally chosen by our clients. In addition to a full course meal, you can pick scrumptious delights and savory snacks to add flavours to your hearty celebration. Considering the current situation, we cater pre-plated and live counters, which are generally preferred by couples. However, at the end of the day the choice is yours.

Does the venue have any overnight accommodation?
Some venues have luxurious and spacious rooms where you and your guests can take a halt. We ensure that your wedding ceremony is not celebrated in any rush and runs smoothly, wherein you can pick rooms of your choice as per your convenience. However, some venues may not have rooms available, in that case My Eventz planners vouch to organize a comfortable stay at a nearby location.

Do you charge for end-to-end event planning?
No, we do not charge for end-to-end event planning. On the enquiry call, we will discuss your requirements, however, before giving a clear quotation we would like to know the nature of the event, the scale of the event, complexity when it comes to planning and the involvement of our staff. We promise not to charge more than what we agree upon. Furthermore, there will never be a case of hidden costs since our costing process is transparent at every stage.

How early can you start planning for our celebration?
Whist the commencing of planning depends on the kind of event you are looking at; we advise our clients to come up with the details as soon as possible. This ensures that there is a lot of time to book venues in advance and finalize an ideal deal with vendors and suppliers. When our team of professionals has ample time to negotiate, we can bring you the best onto the table, ensuring that your warm celebration exceeds your expectations within the framed budget. At My Eventz, we have a record of finalizing a deal within a period of three days.

What is the ideal information I should come up with before getting on a call with My Eventz team?
Our team can cater the best to you when they are aware merely of the three factors:

With which all factors do you help us on the free enquiry call?
These are the list of factors with which we will help you on the free enquiry call:

  • Decor ( Floral, vibrant and exuberant, traditional, sheer white)
  • A general idea of a theme in your mind (Elegant, exuberant, grand, white, colourful,)
  • Number of guests
  • Preferred locality( local, destination venue, drivable destinations, within India, international venue)
  • Preference of venues( Beaches, palaces, banquets, lawns)
  • Total number of events ( Mehendi, sangeet, engagement, wedding ceremony)
  • List of vendors you need help with ( photographers, makeup artists, singers, music band, performers, anchors, etc)
  • Food preferences ( Indian delights, international cuisines, authentic traditional food)
  • Misc ( dreamy entry of the couple, dance performances and props, customized thank-you notes, personalized invitations, hashtags boards, standees, etc)

Is it possible to bring some guests on a virtual platform as a part of the real wedding?
Yes, we understand that this year the wedding celebration has become an intimate affair thus, scores of your loved ones cannot grace your day of love. However, you can tie a knot celebrating the spirit of togetherness with the idea of the virtual event on zoom. The real question is, why hold a virtual wedding? The idea behind it is rational, live streaming can allow your guests to attend festivities and be a part of your warm moments.

Why can’t I handle my destination wedding on my own?
Of course, you can take up the challenge of planning your own destination wedding, which comes with a lot of fun. However, along with the fun, it comes with a lot of stress and anxiety to have everything pitch-perfect. Taking care of the suppliers, getting in touch with the vendors, cracking an ideal deal, coordinating minute details at your destination wedding, researching, and finalizing the venue, and executing a flawless affair needs experience and training. My Eventz team promises to tailor a perfect destination wedding to ensure that you can cherish the romance and exuberance on your wedding day without having stress loaded down your spines. Furthermore, at times there might be a few local hurdles such as import/export, panchayat restrictions, etc, which you may not be aware of. This is exactly where our team at My Eventz has expertise in and will take care of such situations.

What makes you one of the best event management companies when it comes to celebrating wedding ceremonies?
Our professional squad at My Eventz has an all-hand-on-the-deck approach, bringing a meticulous planning experience. We have an AI system, vouching for a specialized venue search as per your requirements, and customization. We organize logistics, negotiate contacts, assist you with finalizing the venue, scheduling, customized outlines, follow-ups, arranging accommodations, and budgeting. We aim to bring a flawless outcome, more than what you expect in your limited budget.for better credibility, you can have a look at our reviews and social media handles.

Can wedding planners work with a minimum budget?
Absolutely yes. Wedding planners are for everyone who believes in making their wedding ceremony worth remembering. From planning your wedding to finalizing your dreamy theme at an elegant venue, My Eventz will bring you the best to the table within your outlined budget. This is exactly what separates us from scores of wedding planners out there, they tailor a wedding and bring the budget to you. Meanwhile, we first tailor the budget as per your convenience and add your beautiful details just as like your dream wedding. Furthermore, we ensure to keep the process very transparent between the venue and client and the vendors and client to ensure that there are no hidden charges.

If I find a cheaper event management planner for my destination wedding, why should I still choose My Eventz?
Thank you for bringing this question into the limelight, we are really glad you asked. We have moderately priced the services, which we cater based on our experience, expertise, professionalism, a bag of unique ideas, meticulous planning, and smooth execution. We believe in crafting the best destination wedding for you, to ensure that the cherished memories are imprinted in your hearts forever. More than a contract, managing wedding ceremonies at elegant destinations is like knitting relationships with our clients for a lifetime. We aim to make you smile 50 years from now when you look back to your perfect wedding ceremony. At the end of the day, you get what you paid for with utmost satisfaction.

Are there any décor limitations to the theme?
Any decoration, which involves nails, hooks, bolts, screws, and tacks, causing the wear and tear of the property are strictly prohibited. However, we want to cover all gracious decorations on your wedding ceremony thus, it’ll be great if you can discuss the same idea with us. We will make the best of everything we can to make you happy while maintaining the protocols of the venue.

Is there car parking service in the venue? Will I be charged additionally for the same?
Yes, there is ample space for car parking where your guests can leave their vehicles without worrying about anything. Furthermore, the venue caters complimentary parking and you will not be charged for the same.

Will you be able to provide theme-based décor?
Yes, we believe that weddings are made in heaven and thus, bring in trends with the perfect blend of modernity and traditions. We strive to bring your vision to life, reflecting your lavish choices and personality.

Is wedding planning very expensive and will it exceed my budget?
Expensive wedding planning is a myth when it comes to My Eventz. Our services and extensive network ensure that the ideal planning suits your budget. It is time to pick something that is perfect for your wedding ceremony as well as your framed budget- My Eventz.

Do you help with pre-and post-wedding photoshoots?
Yes, our team helps you with the pre-and post-wedding photoshoots. Our team will connect you to the professional photographers, who are incharge of organizing everything from props to vibrant frames, covering all your dreamy details.

Do you help with planning and managing the event flow?
Yes, at My Eventz we believe in crafting the best day of your lives hence believe in handling end to end planning, managing and execution with the utmost ease. We aim to make you feel magical on your day of love, commencing a beautiful journey towards a happy married life. Our team vouches for a smooth flow of your joyous celebration.

Do you appoint your representative during the event for any assistance we may need?
Yes, we ensure that a representative from My Eventz is at the venue to cater support for a smooth running celebration. Hands down- there is nothing on your day of celebration that you need to worry about, we have got you covered.

Will you be able to make travel arrangements for me and my guests local, national and/or international?
Yes, our professional team behind the desks ensure that travel arrangements for you and your loved ones are arranged. There is absolutely nothing you have to stress upon, leave your stressful baggage on our shoulders. We cover these services under guest management and make the arrangements as per the RSVP.

Do you help in getting better rates from venues and vendors?
Yes, we help in getting you better rates from venues and vendors. Our aim is to cover all minute details in a framed budget from flower vendors to elegant venues.

How does My Eventz help to pick the ideal venue?
My Eventz, our team ensures to get the availability of venues within your budget. Thus, instead of sticking to the legwork yourself and stressing about the same, we bring you negotiated prices from the venues. From venue booking to decorating the intimate spaces, our team promises to help you till the last stage until you feel satisfied with the venue.

Does My Eventz cater to matrimonial services?
No, My Eventz sticks only to event management and does not involve in the process of matchmaking.

Have you executed wedding ceremonies in the current situation?
Yes, My Eventz has executed wedding ceremonies, destination weddings and corporate events in the current situation. We are a team born in the lockdown, which means that we decided to bring warm smiles and loads of happiness during harsh times.

How many events have you planned so far since commencing the journey At My Eventz?
Born in the lockdown, since commencement, we so far have successfully planned 55 online events and 22 offline events with our professional squad at My Eventz.

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