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Welcome to the world of events

Backed by a journey of 100+ events, we vouch to cater our creative services for a seamlessly executed event. At My Eventz, we believe that celebrating events must reflect the essence of your favorite tastes and we are at your rescue with our tailored bespoke services.

My Eventz has its success stems rooted to a bunch of passionate bubbling heads dipped in subtle tones of creativity with a bug of ideal organizing to mark your day of happiness. We believe crafting the events with picturesque decorations, breathtaking views, and quaint settings with a dash of love and expertise, fitting under the tag of budget-friendly events.

Our approach is stemmed with intrinsic planning to execute the perfect event you have in mind. The stem that sets us apart in the labyrinth of event management companies is that we manage the detailed executions suiting your idea of a cost-effective plan. Whether it is a traditional wedding or a professional corporate event/ conference, our squad knits imaginative ideas to make your event a successful one.

Our team loves taking up challenges and with the world rapidly advancing towards an innovative technological era, we have marked our green flag on the map of a virtual community. YES, you heard it right, we have jumped into the world of virtuality as well. Whether it is a virtual birthday party or a virtual fashion show, we believe in spreading warm smiles across the screens.

Our strategic network building sparks meticulous and comprehensive planning to duck our clients in the pool of happiness and achieve our outlined milestones. Apart from offline celebrations, we promise to deliver a successful online celebration including virtual social gatherings, virtual corporate events, virtual weddings, virtual exhibitions, virtual conferences and webinars, and virtual product launches.

It is time to resort to experienced hands and creative minds for we take seedlings of novel ideas very seriously by taking care of minute details in a detailed manner. It is hard to say "NO" to our budget-friendly proposals, since it is stemmed to your favorite concepts. We believe in scratching our heads until you are head over heels in love with our bag of creative ideas. You do not have to run behind vendors and caterers when we have got you covered, all you have to do is toss your worries and relax until your event day.

Let’s join hands to create beautiful settings and weave strings of happy emotions through both online and offline events. Looking for intuitive service and genuine ambience? My Eventz is the perfect guide for you and your celebrations.


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