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Refund and Cancellation Policy

Before finalizing your event from MyEventz, carefully review the refund policy and other related information.

●     There are very rare events when the Indian weddings are cancelled or postponed however, in such a case we ensure that there are strict attempts to inform you for the refund or rescheduling process for that specific event.

●      Kindly ensure that you ask for the details of the latest information when you sign a contract with My Events to ensure that you do not miss out on the significant information.

●     Free cancellations are agreed to only if you don't get an availability for the dates which are marked.

●     In case refunds are not possible, you agree to not attempt any evading, avoiding or circumventing any refund prohibitions with regards to the purchases you have made, prior to the event. You will not contact us to seek refund or exchange which lies out of our scope as mentioned under this policy.

●     The refund will be calculated as per the agreed contract and money will be transferred to the account through which the payment is made. Please note that the refund process takes at least 4 weeks of time, keeping in mind that the banking procedures would need ample amount of time.

●     In case there are bank charges during the refund process, the final amount of refund will be calculated as refund amount minus the bank charges.

●     Please note that irrespective of the cancellation policy, a percent of the service charge will be applicable even if the entire services are cancelled.

●     In case the entire event is cancelled, there will not be any refund of the amount considering that time, efforts and scheduling goes behind every event. In no event, will the delivery charges be refunded.

Venue Refund and Cancellation Policy


●      In case you cancel the booking once the event takes place, kindly note that the refund amount will be limited. You can seek a refund only in case you inform 7 days within booking of the venue. Kindly reach out to the My Eventz team to check whether your duration of booking fits our venue and cancellation policy.

●     The venue booking is non-refundable and can be adjusted against any other venue for the same date.The tariff cannot be cancelled with zero fees.

●     The amount which will be refunded also depends on the venue/vendor we are dealing with since everyones has different policies.

●     The charges which are linked to the venue or transportation, MyEventz team is not responsible for the same.

●     Kindly note that any cancellations on the basis of a phone call will not be considered, the client needs to give in writing, email or fax, in case of any modifications or cancellations.

●     In case, any food/beverage dish is added to the bill at the last moment, additional charges will apply.

●     If you fail to comply with rules as per the venue refund and cancellation policy then you will be liable to the entire amount and no cancellation will be proceeded.

Pricing policy


●     At My Eventz, we ensure that you can have a visible track of the budget through every step. We have been known to work within your defined budget and we aim to track expenses for you, throughout the event.

●     In case of any additional requirements, we ensure to check with our clients with the supplemented cost, before executing the task.

●     The pricing as per the contract is inclusive of the taxes however, in case of any change in the tax structure then the payment should be made separately.

●     The venue has the right to change the charges of the rooms as per the change in dates or room requirements. Furthermore, any change in applicable government tax policy will result in a change to the rate offered. The rates are strictly non-commissionable.

●     Several services at the event are charged on a timely basis, including performers, photographers, thus if the agreed time exceeds, additional charges will certainly apply.

●     The vendors will not commence work unless they receive the confirmation amount. This is to ensure that they can deliver their services with ease.

●     In case of weather uncertainty, a temporary rooftop is required, additional charges will be applied and will be paid to the concerned vendor.

Last installment

The final installment for the concerned event should be paid before the event takes place. Prior payments ensure that the payment can be made to the vendors on time and your dream function can run smoothly with utmost ease

Limitation of liability

●      When your event is based in India or any other foreign location, we are merely responsible for what can be planned.

●      Any unforeseen circumstances or accident, which occurs during the wedding or before the wedding, our team will not be responsible.

●      Our team at My Eventz will take extreme care and precaution to prevent unforeseen events, however our team will not be responsible for any injury which occurs during the event.

●      When you agree to take up our services, you voluntarily agree to bear all the risks of inclement weather.

●      MY Eventz team will try its best to assist you in every situation however they are not accountable for any unforeseen event which takes place at your event.

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