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Happy Clients

Dhareya Mehta
Dherya & Riya Wedding - Chunda Palace

Hi This is Dhareya Mehta, I am the groom and i had a great time with My Eventz, They were too good I am speechless I love them. Thank you

Chaya Mehta & Umesh Mehta
Dherya & Riya Wedding - Chunda Palace

Groom's Mother: I felt very good working with My Eventz and it was a very very good experience it was very very coperatively and i am very happy, They will grow a lot and will do lot of great work. I am really happy, Thank you so much. Groom's Father: Hi My Name is Umesh Mehta, We infact have engagged in the services of My Eventz, which was awesome, which even fullfilled our expectations. Team My Eventz was Fantastic. I would like to recommend to all to go and avail the services of My Eventz, Great Thank you!

Siddhi - Groom's Sister
Dherya & Riya Wedding - Chunda Palace

My name is Siddhi and just recently experienced working with My Eventz, honestly in the beginning I wasn't very involved but once I took over whats happening, how is it going and i got a little familar with everyone on the team and i must say we are a family now you know, after the entire planning process how much we bothered them, how much we know demanded from them, They have been extremely accomadative and extremely responsive and i must say that we all have become like a tight family by the end of it, Fabolus services, everybody is on their toe you know they always have an answer and when you have such a close event like this was an intimate wedding plan and when you have such an important event happening at your house you literary want to get into the nitty gritties of everything but with my eventz you really don't have to worry, they will act before even you have to tell them so i think team my eventz was outstanding with their response and we really didn't have to worry about anything so just wanna say a big thank you to you guyz for arranging everything from A to Z and its really hard to say a good bye, I really wish like this could go on for little longer but that'd be very heavy on the pockets but they literally managed to arrange everything in our budget so thats Fab. Whatever timelines we gave them. everything we wanted was taken care of so everything was lovely, I am falling short on words but yeah thats it.

Shreya & Dhiraj
Shreya & Dhiraj Wedding - The Leela Mumbai

The experience with My Eventz was really lovely. They took care of everything from scratch till the end so personally, it was really nice to have them manage our wedding I think all the PROs assigned were available and 24*7 around us and taking care of all our guests. There were no mishaps during the event. So yeah very well managed. Thank you

Intelligible Tech Solution - Radisson Blu Goa

Hi I am Rupesh and we had a great and fantastic event which is almost on the verge of closing up in Radisson Blu in Goa. I would like to really talk about the My eventz team which helped us arrange and put all this in place. It was the worderful experience during the stay when we were in Radisson and all the arrangements were really looked after well ,whole team was on there toes and we didnt have to really worry about arrangements behind the scenes because it was already been taken care of well thought of. All these instructions given were all thoughtfully planned and even without saying there were pro active steps taken. So all in all it was a great experience working with My Eventz team and we had a great and a successful event so looking forward to may be do some for events in future.

Ashish Tijare
Intelligible Tech Solution - Radisson Blu Goa

Hi I am Ashish Tijare and I am from ITS. We organized our flagship event ITS blitz 2022 in the Radisson and it was a superb event we all enjoyed especially whatever we had planned we could execute it very efficiently and I think all that credit goes to the team My Eventz especially everyone has been complimenting the way event was planned and it was executed, so I think it was out and out a great event and thank you team My Eventz for organizing it so well.

Abhishek Poojari
Diyaan & Divisha Birthday Party - Taj Santacruz

Dad - Hi I am Abhishek and this is my baby twin's birthday a boy and a girl, we have a carnival event and the whole event is been managed by My Eventz, they have done a fantastic job. The whole decor has been planned very well by My Eventz and pretty much its more than what i thought, they have passed my expectation and i really look forward to doing more event with My Eventz in the future. Mom - The Decor and Event went very smoothly, Decor was beyond our expectations and the event is also going smoothly Thanks team My Eventz for everything

Dilip Jagasia & Mamta Jagasia
Rhea & Rajdeep - Mehndi & Haldi Ceremony - Kino Cottage

Bride's Father - My Eventz has organized this Function and we are very very Happy with it and they did an excellent Job, I would give them 5 Star -Dilip Jagasia. Bride's Mother - The first thing my worry was who is going to organize my daughter's Mehndi and Haldi party the minute I looked online I found My Eventz and from there on it was a beautiful experience, My Eventz team was very helpful and very coordinative they helped me with everything, literary I had a question and they had an answer to it and of course, the decor team came in and we had a lot of things going on I mean we all had a lot of input but My Eventz Decor team was able to put everything together. If I have to do another event I am definitely going ahead with My Eventz - Mamta Jagasia

Bride's Brother
Pooja Gupta Engagement Ceremony - JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu

My Eventz has organized an engagement ceremony for my sister. they have organized it in a proper way like literary A to Z everything was taken care of by them, There was no flaw in any services whatsoever, The entry that they planned the food quality was simply perfect. All the best My Eventz. Thank you Bride's Brother

Hemangi & Abhishek
Hemangi & Abhishek Wedding - The Leela Mumbai

So My Eventz really helped us in booking our venue and planning everything and even the execution was flawless right from decoration to entries. The entire team was super super helpful, they are quite flexible and they communicate well. Thank You

Abhishek Ambekar & Minal Malkhani
Abhishek & Minal Sangeet & Wedding - The Juhu Club Millenium

Groom: The whole show was amazing and specially My Eventz they Helped us a lot with the coordination with the flowers with the Decor and everything else, So we are very happy and satisfied with their services Thank you! My Eventz. Bride: There has been times where i was so confused as what to do with the wedding, event and everything but as soon as i got in touch with My Eventz, I think my whole life changed, everything became so much smoother and they helped us in every step not only delivering what we wanted but Also, suggesting what is in trend I am really really thankful to team My Eventz.

Nikhil & Ruchi
Nikhil & Ruchi Sangeet - National Sports Club of India

Groom - From Day one till the function got over, The management was very good. Everything was well informed to the photographer. My eventz team especially was very fantastic and the way they handle and presented everything was very, very good. Bride - I will start with the gestures that I received as soon as I entered everyone was like oh here is the bride she is the bride, So that was really interesting and I felt really respectful and I really loved it, The entry was so classy like really amazing, overall everything was really nice thank so much team My Eventz for making this grand success for Nikhil & Ruchi.

Affinity Global
Affinity Global - Radisson Blu

Hi, We are a tech company, Affinity Global and we had My Eventz take care of our entire offsite, we are a team of 150 and trying to arrange that for an HR as you can see is a big task, Luckily the team of My Eventz came through and organized everything and we had great 3 day trips here at Lonavala, Great guyz definetly work with them they will take care of all your stress. Thank you!

Ranjan Upadhyay
Liqvd Asia - Razzberry Rhinoceros

Thank you so much My Eventz for, you know organising such a big event like premier league and ensuring that everything is in place and it's definitely well managed and it is kind of building up the entire team tempo, We all are excited about the match and look forward to other matches. Thank you once again & Thank you so much. Ranjan

Dhwani & Sanket (Bride & Groom)
Dhwani & Sanket (#TheJainShahDi) - The St. Regis Mumbai

Groom: Hi My Eventz thank you so much for planning out our wedding in St Regis, it's lovely how you worked out according to plans and event flow thank you so much. Bride: Myeventz has been helping us out with everything in event planning and decor, it's good to have you onboard. We had a great time, our families had a great time and everyone who attended our wedding had a great time too, everyone loved it thank you. Thanks alot.

Bride (Parents)
Dhwani & Sanket (#TheJainShahDi) - The St. Regis Mumbai

Mother of the Bride: So My Eventz was very nice, very well organised and they have very nicely planned the wedding everything was very good the suggestions and the ideas what they have given were very nice, Semi circle aarti idea given by My Eventz owner was the major hit and we really liked it Thank you. Father of the Bride: My eventz team and specially owners have been very nice, Their ideas were awesome, specially the stage decor, the wedding mandap was wonderful. We got to meet very nice ppl in team My Eventz as they have handled everything very well. I think they were excellent. I don't have any further words. Thank you.

Renuka & Viral (Bride & Groom)
Renuka & Viral Wedding - Planet Hollywood

We met My Eventz around august for our wedding, We were like let's plan a destination wedding on the beachside that's how we met My Eventz and they introduced us to 3 properties, and the moment we saw this property we immediately liked it and locked it. The rest is as you can see we are here right now married already and it happened all because of My Eventz support. Everything was taken care of very nicely, There were some glitches but those glitches were actually handled very well by My Eventz. We definitely recommend My Eventz as your wedding planner do go ahead and contact My Eventz. I Specially thank my Eventz for making it possible they were present throughout the event and have done a superb job.

Harshit Shubham
Harshit Shubham Cocktail Party - Campollian Club at Khopoli

Hello, I am right now in the Campollian Club at Khopoli. Booking was done by My Eventz. It's a very beautiful resort. All the management, decor & food was very very good. My Eventz team is very co-operative. We got all our needs fulfilled and arranged the resort. It was a very successful event. Thank you!

Vandana & Ibrahim
Vandana & Ibrahim Wedding - Kino Cottage

We are really really grateful to team My Eventz to make our dream wedding come true and come alive. They were with us throughout and on every step from day one till the end and the ideas that they gave were so brilliant they literally literally pumped up the entire energy into the event. Such authentic ideas they gave the entire team specially the owners were involved in every planning and we are extremely extremely happy. Thank you for everything!

Mama & Mami
Harshil & Aashni Wedding - The Leela Mumbai

We congratulate My Eventz for a successful event of Harsil and Aashni wedding, All the programs were too good 'Anme logone Bhaut Maja Aviche' the whole team was very supportive and they didnt leave any part undone. Each and every person from My Eventz were very supportive, the room service was great and Team My Eventz was just one call away for any need. The experience was too good. Thank you Team My Eventz.

Chahu & Chachi
Harshil & Aashni Wedding - The Leela Mumbai

Chahu - Hello everyone, very good afternoon, We had a great time with My Eventz. The entire wedding was planned fantastically well from day one till the conclusion of the event. These guys have been amazing, very professional, very helpful and most importantly they were acceptable to changes, modifying things at the last moment. I think it was a great time and very very professional. Thank you and again the most important part of the wedding was the food and the entertainment which was very well taken care of by them. they were able to make the absolute Jain food which was really delicious and very very good. So congratulations to the entire team for hosting and organizing the wonderful event. Chachi - So much patience and the check-in also went on so smoothly, so much good Hospitality and managing everything so well happily you know that is a very good part of all the staff in Team My Eventz, Congratulations! Cousin - Wedding planning is really something that's very professional in the field of the wedding aspect but they managed everything professionally and at the same time they kept the fun aspect of the wedding and the liveliness together and for anything, we were just calling team My Eventz and it was getting done so thank you so much for having an event organized pretty well.

Vishvesh Shah (Vendor-Singer)
Harshil & Aashni Wedding - The Leela Mumbai

Hello Everybody, This is Vishvesh Shah I am a singer and vocalist and i have my own band so we are here The Leela Mumbai at Harshil and Ashni's Wedding, Pin to plane everything was managed and coordinated by Team My Eventz, i had a great I had a lovely time performing for Harshil and Ashni and for My Eventz, you guys were fabulous. The coordination and the synchronization with every part of the wedding it's just amazing. Thank you so much hope to rock more and more events in future with you. All the best.

Meghna Chhetri
Meghna Chhetri Home Decor for Diwali - Meghna Chhetri's Residence

Hi, I came across this event company called My Eventz from google & reached out to them at the very last minute. It was just two days before my event asking for help. The team was very very responsive, very helpful. They were very quick in responding, giving me quotes, understanding the request that I had even though I was gibberish. What I was asking for; they are very well equipped, understanding it and framing it, and delivering it in a professional manner. Thank you so much My Eventz! -Meghna Chhetri

Vignesh (Groom)
Hridya & Vignesh Wedding Reception - Blue Sea, Worli

The fact that it went so smoothly & so stress free is a good sign, great observation, lovely location, the decor is so simple & yet so elegant just the way we wanted, the whole set up is so beautiful. With so much uncertainty, the planning & constant changing government rules, you made it look very easy perfect. Good job -Vignesh (Groom)

Hridya (Bride)
Hridya & Vignesh Wedding Reception - Blue Sea, Worli

Hi!! I just wanted to take some time and say Thank you to My Events team. Since the day Vignesh & I met or at least since the day I told mom about him, she has been planning our wedding since then. Team My Events and my mom have covered all of Bombay for venues, for vendors, for ideas, for each step of the way My Eventz is always there. Team My Eventz has been very very helpful, very positive, Now finally at this event, it's been all stress-free, so fun. everything that we wanted we got done. And more than anything my mom was able to have fun. So she didn't have to think about if the guests had arrived? Gulab jamun is in place? or whatever. Everything was done well by My Eventz so that the family had time to be with each other at the event. So Thanks a lot -Hridya (Bride)

Preeti Padwal
Preeti Padwal Wedding - The Orchid Hotel

We got to know about My Eventz from a friend. But after that, knowing My Eventz was the best part of our entire journey because they were very particular and they showed us a very nice venue and a very good venue as my brother said. They coordinated everything perfectly. We had a hassle-free journey all throughout. So, we definitely recommend My Eventz to everybody. Please go ahead with them to have a wonderful experience. And My Eventz also helps you to get a good amount of discount. Big thumbs up. -Preeti Padwal (bride)

Nidhi Bhararia
Birthday Party - Bhararia's Residence

My events organized our daughter's birthday party and they have done a superb job. We loved the decoration and planning and execution and everything was superb. Thank you so much. Great job. Thanks for orgnising the birthday party for our daughter. She enjoyed a lot -Mr. & Mrs. Bhararia

Sahil (Bride's brother-in-law)
Huma & Naveed Wedding - JW Marriott

Looking for locations for my sister in laws.. it was a last-minute setup and given the pandemic situation we weren't sure as to which location we want to do the dinner reception. So we decided to get in touch with Raj & My Eventz and from there on till the final execution, everything was perfect. Whatever things we needed from the hotel people to take care of we were communicating the same to Myeventz Team. So the overall experience of letting My Eventz organize the Nikah & Reception at JW Marriott Juhu was fabulous & very professional. Thank you! Sahil (Bride's brother-in-law)

Heena Shaikh
Huma & Naveed Wedding - JW Marriott

Thank you My Eventz for this beautiful organization. The journey has its ups and downs. It definitely takes time for two people of different mindsets to come together. But in the end, everything worked out fabulously. We are very happy and hopefully, we will see you again at some other function of ours. Thank you, Team My Eventz, the whole team was really helpful. -Heena Shaikh (Bride's Sister)

Sonam & Vijay
Sonam & Vijay Wedding - JW Marriott

Hi Team Myeventz, thank you for all your help. Thank you My Eventz for making my day. Great job. -Sonam & Vijay

Riya Mashru & Parth Bhula
Riya Mashru & Parth Bhula Wedding - Taj President

My Eventz is a great company. Team Myeventz did an excellent job. If I get married again, I will go with My Eventz only, I have given My Eventz a really hard time but everything was more than what I had expected. It was a dream wedding. Thank you My Eventz. -Riya Mashru & Parth Bhula

-Jimmy Shah (Yash's aunty)
Yash Bhuva & Yashvi Chawda Wedding - JW Marriott

We had this event on the 12th & 13th of July. It was the wedding of Yash & Yashvi. My Eventz was there from the beginning for Hotel Management, the coordination between us was all taken care of very flawlessly for us. So we are very happy about the services they have provided. They were here 24X7 for any kind of support if we needed it. The JW Marriott staff was really cooperative, and the food was amazing. We had experienced a few things which we had to modify at the last minute which were also incorporated and we were given the best shot. We really enjoyed the event, the event went as a grand successful thing as we always dreamt of.-Jimmy Shah (Yash's aunty)

Yash Bhuva & Yashvi Chawda
Yash Bhuva & Yashvi Chawda Wedding - JW Marriott

Hi, I am Yash & this is my wife Yashvi. We got married 4 hours ago now. This is about My Eventz. We Team My Eventz 7-8 months back. Saying that we are a "Covid Couple" and it was a "Covid Wedding" we had to postpone our wedding 7 times between May to July and this 7th time we actually got married. We contacted My Eventz and for the 1st time, they gave us really concierge service. We used to contact the hotels directly but we never got the response we needed. But when I contacted My Eventz, they set up the meetings on time, they were there for each and every meeting, they accompanied us and they gave us the best deals. They contacted hotels & properties individually to meet our requirements and gave us much better deals than expected. Our venues and dates got shifted multiple times and through all the changes My Eventz was there throughout. They were never fed up with all of this. The same enthusiasm was there from day one. Throughout it was the same response as we expected. All our requests during our wedding, My Eventz has fulfilled everything and helped us out with everything. They really made our wedding a "Happy Wedding". Thank you. -Yash Bhuva & Yashvi Chawda

Pratiksha (Groom's Friend)
Divya Ghag & Vaibhav Vinayak Patil Wedding - The Courtyard, Thane

Namaste! I am Pratiksha, As you can see there is a beautifully decorated venue behind me, It's my best friend's wedding, We had booked the venue through My Eventz, Whole My Eventz team was present and helpful from the first call of booking to throughout the event even for the smallest things possible. This venue is located in a beautiful place and the food was just amazing! I suggest you book this place through My Eventz and you will have a wonderful experience. Thank you My Eventz. Pratiksha (Groom's Friend)

Dinaz Misty (Bride's Sister)
Pearl Mistry & Siddharth Joshi Wedding - JW Marriott

When it comes to the event, We've got good surprises like the cake coming in, having an entry song for her. It has been overall a very good experience for all of us. My Eventz has done a very good job. Thank you! -Dinaz Misty (Bride's Sister)

Divya Ghag & Vaibhav Vinayak Patil
Divya Ghag & Vaibhav Vinayak Patil Wedding - The Courtyard, Thane

We booked the Venue and Event services through My Eventz, Whole team of My Eventz was very supportive throughout the event. Thank you My Eventz and Keep up your good work. -Divya Ghag & Vaibhav Vinayak Patil

Pearl Mistry & Siddharth Joshi
Pearl Mistry & Siddharth Joshi Wedding - JW Marriott, Juhu

I want to share my experience in planning my wedding especially during a pandemic or in a "lockdown". I know that we've been planning this for quite some time. I came across My Eventz through social media because that's the new trend. From planning my wedding to getting my food, to getting my venue to getting every small detail it has been very smooth. With the new trend of planning everything online through video calls, i didn't have to step out for that at all. which is one good thing about My Eventz. The coordination is very smooth. We just had to put down our basic requirements and everything gets planned in a very seamless journey. So, I would like to thank Team My Eventz for making me very comfortable and the best memory of my life. -Pearl Mistry & Siddharth Joshi

Huda & Safwan Khan
Reception (Walima) of Huda & Safwan Khan (Ishtiyak Khan) - Sofitel Mumbai BKC

Hi, so we are at Sofitel, BKC we are really loving it here. The arrangements are perfect. They made an S & H logo. They made everything as we requested them to and we are really liking it, photos are coming great. The food and services are very good. And we are very happy. The round table decoration and everything are perfect. It clearly made my day. Thank you My eventz for such a lovely event. -Huda & Safwan Khan

Jinal & Dharmil (Bride & Groom)
Jinal & Dharmil Mehtalia Wedding - The Lagoona Resort, Lonavala

I and my dad started My Eventz journey. We are in Lonavala and We went to almost 8-10 resorts. We also went to Daman to see venues but My Eventz gave us Lagoona resort. Our guests liked the property so much. Everyone is saying that the property is beautiful for the wedding. Services provided by Lagoona Resort and My Eventz are awesome, are amazing. Right from the beginning till the end, visiting venues to executing the event, we loved everything a lot. Our guests also enjoyed it very much. It's a great experience overall. -Jinal & Dharmil (Bride & Groom)

Smit & Chahat
Wedding of Maulik & Mehak - Hyatt Regency Mumbai

My Eventz hosted my brother's wedding and they hosted it amazingly. Each and every requirement was taken care of very carefully. MyEventz coordinated very well & their hospitality was very nice, they were very calm with us. Each and every situation, demand & in fact each and every wish of ours was fulfilled. Thanks a lot, My Eventz & team. All the arrangements were taken care of very well. Three cheers for My Eventz - Hip Hip Hurray.

Smit & Chahat
Wedding of Smit & Chahat - Hyatt Regency Mumbai

We planned a wedding in just 8 days. We got our daughter married in just 8 days. We came across Mukesh from My Eventz. They were a great help to us. They got us the best deal at Hyatt Regency with an amazing service, great food & decor part, everything was managed very well. Our guests are super excited & are very happy. The Bride & Groom are very happy, the groom side is very happy. We would definitely recommend My Eventz to everybody. Thank you so much.

Wedding of Bhakti - St. Regis Mumbai

My dad called My Eventz and then we got in touch with My Eventz Team. The whole arrangement was seamless. We were very tensed that with current situation how is it gonna happen. Because of My Eventz, it went too well, we didn't have to see anything. Whatever I told her it was done. It was a very good experience with My Eventz. Everything was very well organized. Whatever we wanted was there for us. Right from the food tasting, we were involving My Eventz in everything, My Eventz experience also helped us a lot. We had a perfect event.

Wedding of Yash & Meenakshi - GCC Club Mumbai

Thank you My Eventz for your follow-up & the help you've given us. My Eventz has been very helpful. I would recommend my friends, colleagues & family members. Best of luck & keep doing well. Thank you

Parth Anshula - Indore - Mumbai

Hey, Thank you so much for all the coordinations or the wedding... it was such a huge help.... and the way you guys were proactive and help come up with different ideas and all a big thank you from us... thank you My Eventz for making it a perfect wedding for us.

Raashi Nangalia - South Mumbai

Hi Team My Eventz, it was a great pleasure that we had the chance to do our brother's 25th wedding anniversary through you all. Initially, we were planning to do the event by ourselves but then we were very lucky that we got your name through a friend & we did the entire 3-day event through My Eventz. The event was done very well, the entire recap, the minute details that were taken care of. We were not sure that somebody would go into such details for a virtual function. I really want to thank Nikita, Rubina & Geeta ma'am & the entire team of My Eventz for making our function a grand success. Three cheers for Team My. Eventz. Hip Hip Hurray. Thank you so much.

Jalpa Gandhi - Netherlands

With this everything going on, my brother in law had to have a wedding on a small scale. Because there were no flights working and I stay in the Netherlands, I couldn't attend the event. But I wanted to do something really special for the couple. Then I came up with the idea of Virtual Sangeet, I was just googling and the first thing that came upon was My Eventz. And I read some fabulous reviews about it so I thought let's just try them. Trust me it's an end to end service. They provided me everything from choreographer to host to whatever you can think of, you name it ad they provide it. The best thing was they would accommodate your needs as per your budget. Everything was well planned & coordinated. I would not regret even 1% for doing this event. When you have someone professional you really see the difference. Most importantly you enjoy the event. I would really recommend My Eventz, go for it. Thank you My Eventz.

Most amazing birthday party ever! - Samyukta

Usually, my birthday is never a boring affair or a quiet affair. There are people coming over & usually, there's a house party, dancing, good music, good food, basically, we have a gala time. But this time I was expecting it to be low-key & I was expecting it to be boring & dull. Then my husband tells me to be ready as there's a surprise.Punit from My Eventz hosted the party with all my friends on my TV. it was the most amazing birthday party ever, my first virtual birthday party. There was a Bollywood themed game (dumb charades) I didn't miss having a party it was that good. It was so beautifully organized. All thanks to My Eventz & Team and a big thank you to Geeta Chandnani. I would definitely recommend My Eventz for virtual birthday parties, kitty parties. It is a great way of connecting with friends & family.

Planned and implemented with awesome ideas! - Mimma

Recently hosted a wonderful virtual party for my sister in law. Team My Eventz have planned and implemented with awesome ideas. Thank You!

It was really a wonderful experience! - Priyanka Padia

It was really a wonderful experience and in such a short time we got such good service so, we are very much satisfied with your service and everything went so smoothly in the baby shower event. Keep up the good work and we will be looking forward to more such events with u and ur team.

New experience in celebrating my birthday! - Ravi Jhurani

My Eventz gave me a new experience in celebrating my birthday. Everyone from my family, cousins, my children who stay abroad celebrated a birthday party together for the first time ever. I think everyone should take the experience of celebrating their birthdays & Anniversaries online through My Eventz. I would like to again thank them. Rubina & Akshay guided us very well. Thank you.

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