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Weddings soiree trends 2021

Summer weddings with raising toasts, warm smiles, dance rehearsals, bridesmaid gauzy dresses, and group hugs look like a picture packed with happiness, yet far from reality. The pertinent question revolving around weddings points out towards the suspended norm of exchanging rings in 2021, but with traced limits. The year 2021, will be all about new humble beginnings with chunks of creative ideas but respecting the stemmed concept of social distancing, let’s have a closer look at the unique trends, shall we?

The trend of intimate weddings

Scores of people have planned a big themed Bollywood wedding with a long listicle of guests. However, it looks like this will have to take a pushed pause in the year 2020. Weddings will be all about warm subtle tones, red crimsons, exquisite florals, the mishmash of designs, strings of golden tassels, heaps of natural elements packed in a whimsical eclectic event. However, the small marked difference will be the vibrantly decorated place will be graced merely by the close ones rather than commencing the warm celebration with hundreds of people. Couples need not compromise on their floral chandeliers’ kitschy aesthetics of sheer beauty but they might have a tough time to decide which guests shall be a part of their warm intimate wedding in the year 2021.

Plated supper will take over buffet style of sweet and savoury delicacies

Big-fat Indian weddings have always been about keeping endless options with scrumptious delights packed with exploding bags of delicious flavours in buffet style. The wedding gala is all about passing celebratory vibes with conversation starters and switching groups, however, after this year supper will be all about sitting together served with assorted delicacies and authentic dishes all at once. In no small measure, close intimate weddings will bring close ones together with a tailored bespoke menu, sharing laughter and smiles hung in the air.

Fabricating personalized and intricate detailing

Going an extra mile for hundreds of guests is always packed with lots of hassle, however, when the list is cut-short to a handful of guests, there is a wide scope for personalization. Fabricating intimate detailing will be the new trend starting with handcrafted personalized invitations, penned down a special message to each one. Picking thank you gifts with cute little notes about how they made your wedding a treasured memory will add a strong dose of love. Plus, the personal interaction in the weddings will be all about interacting personally rather than faking smiles on the stage in front of the guests you have never even seen in your lives. Let’s turn to the facts, weddings can be really stressful when your loved ones are running around to ensure that your guests feel comfortable and end up missing the golden moments on your day of love. It seems like weddings in 2021, will be only about weaving strings of memories and spending some real treasured quality time with them.

Switching to the advanced virtual weddings to get far-flung destinations closer

Travel restriction in 2021 may stop your close knitted circle to be a part of your exquisite intimate wedding, however, allowing your circle and the apprehensive guests is possible through screens, indicating the advancement of the future. You heard it right, virtual weddings will be the new trend paving way for technology to bring thousands of guests together with sprinkling blessings and love. At My Eventz, we believe in catering our best to ensure that every minute detail is taken care of when it comes to your beautiful virtual wedding.

Your magical love story is awaiting you and your partner, allow your faces to be eloquent of sheer happiness with the wedding trends 2021.

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