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Wedding trends reflecting romantic blush in 2021

It is time to draw inspiration from the wedding trends 2021 and make a foray in the beautiful season of love with your partner. Are you ready to push the creative boundaries to have your perfect dream wedding and orchestrate notes of love? We have a hand-crafted list to add strings of trends on your wedding day:

Vibrant hues

The year 2020 is coming to an end and couples want to tie a knot in a bold pop of vibrant hues to mark the day of love with elegance hung in the atmosphere. Couples are loving the stemmed concept of moving away from the soft pastels and embracing corals and tangerines quintessence of exuberance. Aesthetics and colour schemes have always won hearts with a dramatic turnover of vibrant hues. It is time to frame your day with pomp and style with the bright wedding themes for summer. Its raining popsicle colours in the season of love, it is time to drench in the ideas of vibrant hues of lime green to neon pink.

Twist of booze with classics

Weddings are incomplete without the fun element of boozy twist, where you get a chance to reflect your lavish and exquisite taste of cocktails. To mark the statement of a trendy vibe, you can set a speciality bar, which serves the speciality of the groom and the bride. From a “Squeeze the lime” Gin and Tonic to Bourbon, bring classics with a series of garnishes into the picture.  


Sun-soaked getaways

Romantic escapes in the tropical with vivid coloured blooms, lush green spaces, palm leaves, tropical fruits and exotic dishes is a dreamy trend. The theme is packed with exuding exuberance and dripping energy to mark your day of love. Furthermore, do you know the best perk of the sun-soaked getaways? You get to keep your guest list limited, splurging your budget and crafting a beautiful backdrop by the Goa beaches.

Element of illustrations

If you are a big fan of marking your day of love with a personalized wedding then adding the element of illustrations is out of the box idea to reflect your romantic blush wedding. The artistic touch of illustrations on the wedding card and “Thank You” note imprints a warm space in the hearts of your guests. It is time to leave your guests in awe with the playful vibe of illustrations of you and your partner.

Floral tones

Fresh blooms always knit a warm affair, elevating the romantic vibe to curate your dreamy wedding. Get creative with your fabric with floral embroidery, floral napkins, tablecloths and pastel decorations. Immerse in the ambience of a dream wedding, your dream wedding with floral installations to mark a luxe affair dipped in florals.

Sustainability string

The sustainability trend will go a long way with scores of weddings taking place all across the country with the commencement of the new decade. Thus, the rational approach will ensure that celebrations should be mindful and minimal rather than bringing out the “too fancy” flag. Weddings in the future are more likely to slide towards the sustainable approach with an eco-friendly bag of ideas. From recycling florals to banning plastic at weddings will be a strong wave in the event management industry.

Add “extra” tinge to your dream dress

Trendy combinations are always a thumbs up with your partner falling head over heels in love with you, AGAIN. Bring in the complementing shades dainty colours by getting bolder with the “extra” tinge on your wedding day. From tulle lehengas to a neon colour palette, mark your style benchmark with the onset of a new decade. If you are a big fan of big sleeves, go for it and play with patterns and textures.

The hand-crafted list must have bombarded you with a trendy listicle of ideas, to make your wedding day a little “extra”. At MyEventz we ensure to craft a dreamy wedding vibe with grace up your sleeves. Do you know the best part about MyEventz, we tailor details just as your beautiful imagination, within your outlined budget? Yes, you heard us right. Isn’t that exciting? Come let’s weave moments of love on your day of love, we’re merely one dial away.

Picture credit: P.K Suri 

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