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Tips to pick the perfect place for your destination wedding

Jetting off to a destination wedding with a tropical celebration and rustic theme can be super-tempting. However, do not succumb to temptation or hurry into booking your venue immediately. It is important to take several factors into consideration. After all, saying “I do” is a very big deal and needs to be imprinted in your hearts forever, let it be at an exotic dreamy destination. Selecting the perfect place for a destination wedding needs chunks of meticulous planning and smooth execution, doesn’t it? Now, let’s uncover a few tips before you get hitched at your dreamy location, shall we?

List your guest count:  The first step is to pen down your guest count to commence your day of marriage, which makes the process of picking an ideal destination relatively easier. If the guest count crosses the ideal concept of an intimate wedding then you may need to pick a place, which can accommodate lots of warm smiles, spacious interactions and your loved ones gorging on authentic food. In short, it limits your options of picking destinations. However, if you have merely your close-knitted circle attending your wedding ceremony then you have scores of places to pick in your outlined budget. If our heart can cap a few people to stick to a small guest list, you will enjoy lots of flexibility. This is one of the best aspects of having an intimate wedding ceremony. From small intimate weddings at Goa, grandeur wedding ceremonies at Jaipur, beach weddings at the Maldives, dreamy weddings at Dubai, serene weddings at Igatpuri, your fairy-tale is merely one step away. Our squad is here to help you pick your ideal place with an enquiry call for free, isn’t that magical already? Are you ready to chalk out a beautiful path towards a happy married life with your loved ones?

Ballpark an ideal budget: This is the second stepping stone while planning a destination wedding ceremony. In no small measure, coming up with the ideal budget is just like solving a puzzle, which is all about finding the perfect piece. The globe is your magical oyster where spending can go over the board with dreamy details however, you need to stick to a line of limit. The smartest thing to do is not rush into the complexity of commencing your journey of love and thinking rationally by picking an event management company. Pro-tip- to save big, you can slash away unnecessary décor and pick local blooms instead. Furthermore, instead of keeping international cuisines, try to resort to sweet and savouries packed with rich local ingredients. For example: If you select the pristine beaches of Maldives to celebrate your wedding ceremony, stick to the authentic cuisine and tropical cocktails.

Making a list of meaningful locations: Penning down scores of locations in the third step, now you need to think with all your hearts and minds. Would you and your partner like a jam-packed vacation at the beautiful palace at Jaipur, would you pick the green lush mountains of Igatpuri, or would you prefer a white laid-back wedding ceremony on the serene blue beaches of Maldives? Are you a couple who would love beauty hung in the outdoorsy feel and lush spaces or would you like banquet spaces and share moments of love under glittering chandeliers? It is very important to pick a venue you are drawn towards so that years later, when you look back, you will have beautiful, cherished memories in your treasured hearts. Get hitched where your heart belongs, a place you have always dreamt of, a place where you can knit memories filled with sheer love and warmth. Picking a location, which holds meaning to you and your partner will make it worth-remembering, pick wisely. The second step involves looking at the distance geographically and figuring out if it is equidistant for the guests, who are attending your wedding ceremony. It is significant to understand how many guests can reach your day of love with the easiest routes possible. Is your wedding location going to be a drivable destination or does it need other modes of transportation? However, you need not worry, since our professional team behind the desks are at your rescue to help you pick nothing but the best.

Staycation at 5 star resorts: Having a wedding bash at lavish 5 star resorts comes with a lot of pampering and excitement. From serene spaces, clean swimming pools, efficient services, multi-cuisine scrumptious options, lavish settings, exquisite areas, charming décor, luxurious suites, spa treatments, and elite indoor, a staycation has a lot to offer. Our professional team at My Eventz promises to ensure that your staycation will be full of exuberance and life. Are you ready to leave all your stress at bay with a mini staycation at a luxurious resort? We have a myriad range of options where the venue reeks of luxury where you can knit beautiful memories on your wedding day. We are merely one step away from reaching out to us.

Narrow down your favourites: You can be super-adventurous and long for a destination wedding at the beaches, whereas your partner can be decisive and would want to celebrate zeal and zest at the mountains. This is exactly where you both need to sit as a team and narrow down to your favourites. Paint the canvas of your dreamy wedding with beautiful details. However, before that understand the process and keep the option of compromise open. At the end of the day, your partner’s smile is what will make you happy, keep in mind their choice too. Be it at the beach, mountain or a palace, having a place in each other’s hearts is very important. Plus, you need not worry since My Eventz team brings you secure options for safe travelling and stay to ensure you have nothing to worry about.

Hiring professionals to tackle stress: The best way to get rid of strings of phone calls, follow-ups, negotiations, and thoughtful executive decisions is to resort to professionals who bring expertise to the table. Having an expert in hand means not jumping into the language barrier aspect and leaving the work of professionals to the professionals, who have done it for years. From floret vendors to venue picks, a professional will take care of everything. Furthermore, shouldering the responsibility of the minute details means that you have a limited list of the vendors, this is exactly where the professionals jump into the picture and bring you a list of budget-friendly vendors. You are open to a myriad range of vendors to pick from, cutting the excessive cost. My Eventz, our team believes in wearing a hat of responsibility and gripped shoes to take care of it all. From safe travelling and stay, we have covered everything for you under one umbrella.

Embrace the idea of picking a romantic getaway: Weddings in the year 2021 will be more about a romantic getaway. There is no reason to worry if your dreamy wedding got pushed in the year 2020 since 2021 brings you beautiful destinations to the platter. The best part about destination weddings is that the exotic location picked by you brings you the city’s local beauty. If you pick Jaipur as your wedding destination then make sure you save the décor costs and use the grandeur palaces as the background frame. Pick the flowering shrubs to add to your décor and stick to the natural foliage. When it comes to celebrities, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas celebrated their moment of love at Umaid Bhavan Palace in Jodhpur, whereas the beautiful couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh got hitched at the serene Lake Como of Italy. There are scores of other places, which will make you fall head over heels in love with the beautiful idea of marriage. From local flowers to local rich dishes, you can make use of local settings with affordable wedding packages crafted by My Eventz.

Accommodation: This is one of the key aspects of a destination wedding since your loved ones need suites dipped in swirls of comfort to enjoy your wedding ceremony. You need to pick a hotel, which is close to your wedding space to avoid any sort of last-minute rush. My Eventz, our team behind the desks help you to pick an ideal hotel which is accessible, affordable and matches your first choice. We will help you to sieve from a myriad range of accommodations to bring you rooms, which are luxurious and showcase contemporary settings. Our team efficiently works to ensure safe travel and stay especially when you and your loved ones are travelling to a new destination. What are you waiting for? It is time to resort to professionals.

Rule of elimination: This is a golden rule, which we swear by at My Eventz, the Rule of Elimination. There can be plenty of wedding destinations, which you and your better half must have in mind, however, the pertinent question is how to select one particular pick? The answer is very simple, you need to eliminate the destinations, which have a few factors which oppose your idea of a perfect marriage. For example: In a choice between Jaipur palace and Goan beach wedding, the latter is not preferred in the monsoons due to the climate thus, you can pick a covered palace where you can tie a knot under the heavenly showers. Thus, evaluate factors including, season, climate, proximity, budget, expenses, theme, personal choices, luxury, comfort, etc.

Chalk out a path towards a sublime wedding affair with intimate settings to embrace the stemmed thought of love. My Eventz believes in weaving bonds with a magical story, your story. Savour your romantic tones with our impeccable services. Your face eloquent of sheer happiness is our award where we jump into the picture to paint on your wedding canvas with brushstrokes of affection. Weave chords of well-endowed love at your homely nest together with your ideal life partner at your tailored destination wedding. After all, picking a destination wedding venue when professionals are around you is not that difficult, isn’t it? Resort to us for your fairy tale beginnings and imprint your hearts with your beautiful memories. Are you ready for beautiful wedding celebrations at the exotic locations brought by us into the limelight?

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