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Stunning Wedding Themes For A Destination Wedding In Goa

Ring the wedding bells and cue the chariot drawn by doves! The most awaited event of your life is here. Eros, the god of love is here to witness two souls, which will be intertwined for eternity.

Goa beach venues are the paradise for people who are seeking to dance the night away with exotic food, circled with their beloved family and friends at their wedding. The sand between the toes and the ocean by the side is truly ecstatic, making you fall head over heels in love. To add a little more fun and pizzazz to this event people often go about experimenting with different enrapturing themes. You can choose from themes that resonate with you and your significant other’s dream.


Selecting a theme isn’t exactly a ‘Walk In A Garden of Roses’, you have to choose from a catalog that will make you topsy turvy in the whirlpool of your dreamy mind. Fret not! MyEvents is here to take you through this process in a jiffy. Here is a list of the most astounding wedding themes for Goa!

1. Bollywood Theme

Are you a fan of Bollywood movies and celebrities? Do strings of songs make your heart throb with excitement and admiration? If yes, then this theme is for you. Dance away to the upbeat music and sounds of drums and ‘Nagada’. Make your destination wedding a classic affair with diamond-studded chandeliers and Bollywood limelight. Invite over paparazzi to get snapped for a magazine. You can go overboard by inviting a celebrity or an artist! It’s a good chance they will attend your precious day!

2. Gardenia Dreamland

Saying ‘I do’ amongst the lilac hues of these wondrous nature’s elements is a dream for every groom and bride. Nature lovers will be thankful for this theme! A backdrop with drooping gardenias, a stage that is laden with flowers will leave you and your guests in awe. The stunning aura created with the smell and appearance makes your wedding a mesmerizing event to witness for your close-knitted circle. The bond of love instilled among the newlyweds is unbreakable with the force of nature.

 3. Harry Potter Inspired

This theme is for all the geeks who have been hooked to the classic “Harry Potter”. You can get cards printed on the dark and mysterious Hogwarts school theme. A cake that represents the grand castle. You can even implement a dress code where people can choose their attire as if they are going to the “Yule Ball”. Magic and mystery fill the air as you take the oath to spend your lives with your better half.

4. A Shine/Shimmer Wedding

A wedding full of chandeliers, layers of lights, and sparkles everywhere. Seems enticing? Then this theme is meant for you. If you like to make an entrance among the glitz and blitz of glamour and flashing lights; this theme will suffice all your wants for a grand wedding. Your seating arrangement can be laced with LED lights and crackers going off on the stage as you enter the aisle, while a romantic song plays in the background. Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?

5. Rustic Theme

If you are an admirer of the earth's color palette, if seeing an old wooden building or barn warms your heart then this theme will match just with your dreamy tastes. Rustic themes are glamorous yet subtle due to their statement colors. You can have a carved wooden arch where you become one with your lover. This theme enhances the roughness of nature and presents it in an unfathomably beautiful manner. The main elements of this setting are blossoms, shrubs, wildflowers, etc. Let’s get this retro party on!

6. A MirrorLand

 A mirror-themed wedding creates a labyrinth of stunning repeated views. Right from the tables to the chairs, everything can be made from glass. A beach wedding in Goa with this theme creates a backdrop that will seize time and space. Incorporating a mirror in your wedding also creates great spots for clicking beautiful pictures of the wedding.

7. Pastel Wedding

Pastel palettes are all the rage today. From lilac to matcha green all these colors create a perfect balance of love and calm among the chaos at your destination wedding. These can include exquisite pastel orchids, a pink pastel cake with peaches and berries. Which is tasty as well as beautiful. This ambiance is perfect if you love the millennial trends and like to go all out yet keep it low-key.

8. Punjabi Wedding

An extravagant affair derived from the most zealous part of India. A wedding full of bling, cocktails, and superfluous decoration. Your marriage will bloom with red and yellow hues. Every function can be customized according to your taste. The famous Patiala suits, gowns, and turban will be all the more exhilarating. From delectable food to colorful tents it is time to club everything in one theme.

9. White On White

If you like to keep it classy and believe in the amalgamation of all colors. A white wedding will be perfect for you! From lavish white rose arrangements to eye-capturing wedding gowns and suits, this wedding theme is truly for the supreme people. The slight variation of gold, beige, and off-white is a view, which everybody admires. The white theme has the most vibrance even though the setting is monotone. How? The bride and groom stand out among this white set-up as the symbol of love and happiness.

10. A Retro Theme

A soiree with all the elements of the old times. This theme will make you travel back in a time machine to the era of iconic stars and high fashion parties. You can have a dress theme where people can dress like old stars with those quirky hairstyles and peculiar and extra outfits, turning this into a more mystifying affair. Be one with your older generation through this theme.


Themes are what make a wedding even more mesmerizing and memorable. Choosing the right theme according to your tastes and likes is an important task that should only be entrusted to an expert. Worry not! MyEvents will help you organize a grand event without hassle, within your outlined budget. Our team awaits to give your love story a storyline that will leave your guests in awe.

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