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Earthy decor supporting local artisans on your wedding ceremony

The profusion of earthy décor dipped in swirls of vibrant hues adds an elegant charm to your wedding ceremony. Handicrafts and flowers are known to add to the vibrant culture, wherein the unconventional setup makes your wedding soiree more colourful, exuberant and lively. Does this beautiful concept excite you? Come closer, are you looking for a bright palette of quirky colours at your engagement, haldi, sangeet and wedding ceremony? Sticking to the concept of earthy décor, the year 2020, has definitely been tough for the local artisans and thus, this is the perfect time to support small businesses with the most striking décor. You can transform your day of love with a traditional twist, earthy décor, aesthetic drapes and handicrafts. Let’s have a closer look, and get vocal for local, shall we?

Traditional handlooms: Traditional handlooms come to life with traditions, culture and stories. It is time to revive the artistic rustic charm with traditional handlooms. From elegant handloom sarees to vibrant table runners, you can support small business on your day of love at your ideal Jaipur destination wedding. It is time to embrace the beautiful blend of tradition and contemporary designs at your marriage ceremony. The threads of love have scores of people putting their heart and soul in the traditional handlooms, hence encourage the lost legacy of timeless art.

Extravagant and colourful drapes: Your traditional affair should be all about a festive spirit, extensive decorations and bright pop of colours, which comes from the colourful drapes. From tangerine oranges to warm pastels, you can pick your favourites from the local artisans to add exuberance to your wedding ceremony. It is time to add a subtle dash of magic by simply picking colourful drapes on your day of marriage. If you are having a beach wedding at Goa, then these colourful drapes will add sheer charm, promising to capture beautiful moments.

An explosion of florals: Soft shades of florals with an ombre effect give a minimalistic yet an elegant aura to your wedding ceremony. Crimsons and velvets will add beautiful pop and bright colours to your wedding ceremony. It is time to get the quirky feel with their explosion of flowers. You can easily make your venue look stellar by picking beautiful flowers from local artisans. From fresh marigold to lilies, the strings of flowers enhance the beauty and add charm to your wedding décor. If you are planning to have a lawn wedding, then the stemmed idea of an explosion of colourful and fresh flowers will make your venue look like a dream paradise.

Trinket, a token of love: If you are having an intimate wedding ceremony then you can pick handcrafted earthy trinkets as a token of love to gift your guests who grace your hearty celebration. The rustic charms will imprint your love in the hearts of your guests. There are stunning handicraft terracotta products with gracious themes, florals, motifs, nature’s catch and geometric patterns. Whether it is a Jaipur destination wedding or a beach wedding, the idea of trinket will never go stale. Think out of the box, get a trinket box for your loved ones.

Cane basket lanterns: Are you looking for rustic elegance on your day of the wedding with stunning lights, yet want something different? The cane baskets will be perfect lanterns in which you can add regular yellow bulbs to grace your celebration with warm lightings. The elegant cane basket lanterns will add a beautiful element to your wedding ceremony and look absolutely photogenic. The cane basket lanterns will look stunning if you are picking a heritage venue in Jaipur, which will add a beautiful touch to your day of love.

Indigo cutlery: If you are planning to have a beautiful white beach wedding in Goa then the indigo cutlery will go very well with the theme. Add a beautiful touch to your wedding ceremony with the indigo cutlery. Get beautiful designs and patterns from local artisans to have dripping elegance at your dining area. In no small measure, the work of art adds a gracious element to your themed wedding. What are you waiting for? It is time to resort to scores of artisans who craft beautiful indigo cutlery.

Handicraft centrepieces and hangings: If you are looking for rustic wedding themes, then handicraft items on tables would pull off the stunning theme. Especially, if you’re dreaming of an outdoor venue then terracotta hangings and terracotta pottery will add oodles of creativity and elegance to your wedding ceremony.

Hand-painted matkas: Indian weddings are all about going extra with decoration and the dainty hand-painted matkas will add an elegant element to your wedding ceremony. The local artists are known to paint stunning matkas, which can be used to decorate your flawless affair. Furthermore, if you pick a destination wedding in Jaipur, the hand-painted matkas will go really well with your dreamy cultural theme. The hand-painted matkas will amp up your intimate wedding affair with elegance and grace, it is time to bring in the rich culture and tradition, what are you waiting for?

The winsome charm of cane furniture: Do you want to stay in trend and yet support the local artisans? It is time to add the charming cane furniture seating to your wedding ceremony. The rustic theme at your wedding can be purchased from the local artisans, which will add both comfort and luxury to your hearty celebration.

Have the perfect extravagant wedding ceremony just like your dreams while you support the local artisans to help them climb back on their feet and reach their dreams. What are you waiting for, My Eventz has the perfect packages tailored for you within your budget and vouch for meticulous planning, and smooth execution? It is time to resort to a bespoke affair and amp up your wedding ceremony décor with blooming ideas. Can't go to a destination wedding, don’t load your spines with stress, My Eventz is here to craft beautiful earthy décor, matching your dreamy details. It is time to get regal and lavish with the true spirit of India and bring back the element of art-centric wedding ceremonies.

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