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8 Reasons Why Udaipur Is the Best Place For A Destination Wedding

Udaipur is known as the “City Of Lakes”, situated in Rajasthan. It is the most romantic place where one can get hitched. It is famous for its authentic settings and destination weddings, which can make your guests fall head over heels with the spellbound beauty. It has scores of picturesque sights, magnificent palaces, old grandeur forts, and cultural castles. Something as aesthetic as this place, which is surrounded by the gushing waves of the Lakes on either side can only be found in Rajasthan. A background that is blooming with the artistic elements of nature and time. It is a hotspot for the wedding of many big names in the country because of it’s refulgent views and heavenly charm.

Lavish backdrops for the most heart throbbing moment is what describes the wedding in Udaipur in a nutshell. Indulge in the authenticity, traditional, and regal wedding affair and create an unforgettable memory for you and your guests. Why wait? Let’s get lost in the mystique that this divine city holds. Have a look below to see why everyone one adores this city:

1.No One Does Royalty Like Udaipur

Due to its rich cultural heritage, Udaipur boasts of a plethora of imperial palaces, castles, and forts. Organizing your nuptials in a grand royal hall will bring the dreams of being a king and queen alive. Your emotional bonds will strengthen as you get married where once rulers used to have lively events. The best palaces where you can tie the knot include:

These places are surrounded by Aravalli hills. If one is a stickler for royalty and lavishness, this is the perfect place. The exuberant hotels of Udaipur are also included in international magazines for their top-notch service and views.

2. Passion and love float in the winds

Prominent websites like and readers digest have labeled Udaipur as the most romantic city in India. Passion and love float in the winds of this city. When you take your vows you will experience all the elements of nature combined to witness this holy bondage of lives. It is a perfect place for a winsome honeymoon after marriage too. One can simply not resist the force of endearment and budding romance that lingers in the air of this place.

3.Lakes That Take Your Breath Away

Want to have a wedding amongst the elements of nature- water, earth, fire, and air. Udaipur will fulfill this wish in style with boasting vivid scenarios on lake-side hotels.These places provide pristine views for a wedding. To add more iconic moments to your wedding, you can say “I do” on a romantic boat ride. You can even have a beautiful pre-wedding shoot on Fatehsagar Lake or Swaroop Sagar Lake. You will find solace and tranquility among the most eye-capturing features of nature.

4. A Celebrity Hub

Udaipur is a hub for a celebrity wedding. World-famous personalities like Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, Katy Perry and Russell Brad (Aman-i-Khas), Raveen Tandon, and Shiv Thadani. Neil Nitin Mukesh and Rukmini Sahay got hitched in some of the world-famous hotels of Udaipur. If you are looking to make your marriage a spotlight of the newspapers and magazines you might find paparazzi lurking here and there to make a perfect wedding photobombing shot. You might even be lucky enough to meet a celebrity which will make this event all the merrier. Even the celebrities are swoon by the enchanting fairy tales- wedding of Udaipur.

5.Wedding Planners Who Know How To Throw A Lavish Marriage

Having the experience of organizing flawless weddings all around the year. The wedding planners are famous for their skills in making every event a splendor affair filled with romanticism and nobility. When it comes to My Eventz, we command you to enjoy the scenery and relax while they prepare an admirable marriage for you and your guests. You can choose from over 1000 themes to create a personalized wedding experience. Be it if you wish to have flowers from another country or swans to grace the river while you stare into the eyes of your loved ones.We will honor almost every wish that you want to fulfill at your wedding. Much like a genie! Reach out to our team to get the best wedding package within your outlined budget.

6. Hospitality Like Nowhere

Being famous for its connections with royalty. Udaipur will make you feel like you are a royal member yourself. The sweetness in the Rajasthani culture and the warmth which welcomes you as you enter the threshold of the city is almost overwhelming. Their, “Khamma Ghani's” and “Bhaisa” is like being greeted by royalty. Your wedding will be filled with professional hospitality service, and you will be held in the highest regard by every person that you meet. Their attires are distinctive from the glitz and blitz of the western industry but still glamorous drips through their traditional style and aura.

7.Food That Takes Place In Your Bosom

Food is the spotlight of any wedding event. Udaipur is brimming with professional chefs and cooks that are ready to cater for your wedding with the most luscious desserts and world-famous recipes. The authentic Rajasthani food is a mouth-watering name in itself. The sweetness of Ghevar, Kalakand, and Imarti fills the air and the soul-fulfilling moong dal halwa and kalakand will leave an imprint on your guests for a lifetime. You will want to visit Udaipur again and again just for the food.

8. Attractions To Keep Your Wedding Fun

Apart from the loving and considerate atmosphere, Udaipur offers a great number of activities and monuments to keep you and your guests indulged. You can go to Pichola Lake and do some boating at Ranakpur temple to get blessings for your wedding. Jagmandir to fulfill your royal picture fantasies, Fateh Sagar Lake is a beautiful place to find some calm among the chaos of the wedding.

We’re sure you are already head over heels in love with Udiapur. It is time to book your wedding date with My Eventz. Allow us to knit cherished memories of your wedding day in your trinket box of life. This destination calls you to bless you with a happy and content marriage. The food, lakes, and palaces await you and My Eventz is here to weave your love story which will last for an eternity. Reach out to us, today!

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